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Android 14 Operating System

Android 14 Operating System

Android 14 is the fourteenth major discharge and the 21st version of Android, the mobile operating system created by the Open Handset Union led by Google. It was released to the open and the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) on October 4, 2023. The primary gadgets to ship with Android 14 are the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro.


Client experience

Building on the modern choice included in Android 13 to set languages individually for apps, this feature has been extended and is easier to implement for engineers. Moreover, a modern “Grammatical Inflection API” has been included to gender users concurring to their favored syntactic gender.


Android 14 will provide the capacity to extend the textual style measure up to 200% compared to 130% in previous versions, combined with nonlinear font scaling to anticipate expansive content components on screen from scaling as well huge, and it is now possible to indicate the temperature unit (Fahrenheit, Celsius, or Kelvin) which ought to be used in applications.


The Material You design language, presented in Android 12 and supplemented in Android 13, gets changed default colors in Android 14. Android 14 also presents extra bolt screen customization options, such as different clock and weather styles.


A prescient back gesture animation shows the goal of the back signal and indicates when the back gesture will near or return to another app.


For devices with a bigger screen, such as tablets, the taskbar is extended in Android 14 and presently appears the names of the pinned apps.


Android 14 permits a phone to be designed as a webcam when plugged into a computer or another Android device.


Android 14 includes support for the new image format Ultra HDR, to take and show tall energetic run photographs with HDR compatible cameras and shows. The Ultra HDR format is in reverse consistent with JPEG on standard dynamic range displays.


Battery life

Android system processes are more productive which provides battery life improvements. In expansion, there’s presently the choice to select straightforwardly between battery-saver mode and extraordinary battery-saver mode.


The screen time since the final full charge is presently shown within the battery settings. The battery utilization is appeared independently from framework and client applications. This highlight was supplanted with the dispatch of Android 12 by appearing battery utilization over the past 24 hours.


Privacy and security

Android 14 squares the establishment of apps that target adaptations of Android underneath Marshmallow (6.0). The alter is planning to control the spread of malware, which intentioned targets ancient forms of Android to bypass security limitations presented in more up to date adaptations. An Android Debug Bridge (ADB) introduce hail has been included to bypass the restriction.


In arrange to move forward protection, the client can select which pictures an application may get to, employing a photo picker.


There’s moreover a little alter for visitor mode or multiuser mode, where the “Permit visitor to utilize phone” choice has been moved to the best level menu. Already, this choice was behind the visitor account itself.


Health Connect

Incorporating Health Interface as one of the modern highlights of Android 14, clients can presently get to it through the all-new Pixel’s settings menu. Wellbeing Interface collaborates with apps like Fitbit, Samsung Wellbeing, and Google Fit.


Reported issues

On a few Pixel gadgets where different client profiles have been arranged, the client may be incapable to get to their data with the most client profile, or have their phone stuck in a boot circle. Google recognized the issue on October 30, 2023, and is working on fixes.

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