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Mehedi Rafi, Author at sajidz Tech


Bing It and Gain It: A Complete Guide to Bing Rewards

Searching for ways to score a few cool rewards without breaking the bank? See no encourage than Bing Rewards! Microsoft's search engine offers a program that incentivizes clients to look the internet with Bing, letting you gather focuses redeemable for...

Chrome Plugs the Gap: Pressing Update Patches Nasty Zero-Day Vulnerability

Google has issued a basic security update for its Chrome web browser, tending to a high-severity zero-day vulnerability effectively abused by attackers. This pressing fix emphasizes the significance of keeping your browser program up-to-date to shield yourself from online threats....
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Microsoft Loses Huge: $242 Million Patent Claim Blow for Cortana

In a recent lawful fight, a US jury ruled against Microsoft, requesting them to pay a strong whole of $242 million to IPA Innovations. The claim stemmed from affirmed obvious encroachment related to Microsoft's virtual partner, Cortana. This decision throws...
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Apple Goes In-House: Fueling AI with Custom Server Chips

Apple, the tech mammoth known for its smooth plan and user-centric approach, is allegedly taking a strong step towards self-reliance within the domain of artificial intelligence (AI). Agreeing to recent spills, Apple is creating its claim server chips particularly planned...

iPhone Journey: Why Your Iphone Might Lock Up Overseas & How to Fix It

Imagine the frightfulness: you're on a dream excursion, snapping photographs and sharing encounters, when your trusty iPhone all of a sudden goes dull. You attempt to open it, but it denies to participate. Freeze sets in, is your phone broken?...
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Windows: Not Quite Free, But Strategic in Developing Countries

While Microsoft doesn't offer a completely free version of Windows for all computers in developing countries, it does employ strategic tactics to make its operating system accessible in these regions.  Let's explore the reasons behind this approach.   Building the...
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Microsoft Inc Decided to Shut Down Hi-Fi Rush Developer Tango Gameworks

Recently, in a shocking turn of events, Microsoft recently declared the closure of Tango Gameworks, the famous engineer behind the prevalent rhythm-based amusement Hi-Fi Rush. The choice to closed down Tango Gameworks marks the conclusion of an era for fans...
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Meta’s AI Transformation: Changing Advertisement Creatives with Cutting-Edge Features

The scenario of advertising is always changing and the parent company of Facebook, Whatsapp and Instagram Meta is all set to transform the industry of digital advertising or marketing. Meta is going to fuse Ai with digital marketing and in...
open ai

OpenAI’s Strong Leap: The Journey to Challenge Google with a Modern Search Engine

Within the ever-evolving scene of counterfeit insights and innovation, OpenAI has developed as a trailblazer, pushing the boundaries of what's conceivable. Their most recent endeavor? Creating a look motor to rival Google's dominance within the computerized domain. In this article,...
MediaTek Dimensity9300+ chipset

Revealing the Powerhouse: Exploring the MediaTek Dimensity 9300+ Chipset

Inside the fast-paced world of versatile advancement, progression never rests. MediaTek, one of the driving semiconductor companies, has once once more raised the bar with its most later creation – the Dimensity 9300+ chipset. Squeezed with cutting-edge highlights and unrivaled...

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