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delete instagram account

How to delete Instagram Permanently or Temporarily || 2020 Latest Tricks

Now a day we all have at least a Facebook account and also we have an Instagram account too. And now, Instagram is one of the most premium Social media where have most of the High profile person’s account. But now, among us most of the people have that Instagram


How does WhatsApp generate revenue?-Though it has No Ads or No Subscription Fees-How is it Possible?

From this post we will know about how does WhatsApp Generate Revenue. So, let's start the post. Around this world here now we use a lot of social media for your contact and entertainment purpose. Here we use Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, WhatsApp, YouTube, Snapchat etc. Among these Facebook


Facebook Password Snipper-Fake or Real-100% True Review-Why????

Now Facebook is one of the most used Social Media platform. We use it mostly to communicate with our related persons. And it has now Billions of users. So here have a lot of accounts. And among these accounts some accounts are very helpful but some are very dangerous. For


How to track someone’s location exactly and legally

Now a days, we want to track someone's location for some issue. Like we want to care him/her or it's an important for us to track hi/her location at any cost. It also for his security purpose too. So for that reason now we need to track someone's phone locations.


WhatsApp awesome feature-A new interface-2019 best interface

Are you fade up with your old WhatsApp interface? And want to make it change to it’s interface then use this method. Here it is very good for you and an excellent app for all of you. It is really awesome for you too. Here you will get a different


Top 5 updates of Messenger

For the messenger user now here have a very good news. Because within 2020 facebook messenger will take some biggest updates ever their history. And it has confirmed by the CEO of facebook in the last 2019 annual developer conference. Here these update will take you there: More faster than

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