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Uncategorized Archives - sajidz Tech || Why Facebook Ban this text and it removes || 2020 Latest News Reviles

As we know whatever you post in your Facebook Status, Comment, Inbox message it becomes as a text and if their have a do (.) between two texts and their have no any space before or after dots (.). So our today's topic we will talk about Do you


InstaHack-An App can Really hack any Instagram profile?

Now a days, in online their have a lot of websites who promise us to hack other's Instagram account within a minute. And they say that if you use them then you can quickly hack anyone's Instagram account. And here you needn't to use any type of Attack to hack.


How to get Instagram Dark Mode

Now a day, dark mode on social media is most wanted things. And it is available in some of the social media. Still now in Messenger the dark mode is available. And in WhatsApp it is in the beta version. But now you can use Instagram in dark mode. But

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