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How to delete Instagram Permanently or Temporarily || 2020 Latest Tricks

delete instagram account

How to delete Instagram Permanently or Temporarily || 2020 Latest Tricks

Now a day we all have at least a Facebook account and also we have an Instagram account too. And now, Instagram is one of the most premium Social media where have most of the High profile person’s account. But now, among us most of the people have that Instagram account. And it’s also free to use. And it’s very easy to us to create an Instagram account. We can do it by Adding our Facebook account, Gmail account and other mails. But when we are going to delete it that’s the main problem. Cause their have no any options here to delete Instagram account.

Among us from the Instagram users most of the user almost 99% use their Instagram with Android Mobile app or iOS mobile app. And the Apps, here have no any option to delete/deactivate your Instagram account. So how can we delete this account. As we need to delete or deactivate our Instagram account badly.

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So in this case we need to apply a trick. It’s very simple.

In this case to delete this we need to login to our Instagram account by any browser and the link will be and after login their your will get option to delete.

So, follow the steps. Otherwise it won’t work.

(delete Instagram account)

Open any browser and login this link.

delete instagram account

(If you are in Desktop or Laptop then you can do it easily otherwise if you are in mobile phone then first open your Google Chrome browser. Then click three dots from the top right corner and check on Desktop site then go to this link or search Instagram.)

(Delete Instagram Account)

delete instagram account

After login through a browser now in the bottom right corner of your Instagram account it will your Instagram profile picture. Now, click on it.

(Delete Instagram Account)

delete instagram account

Now, click on the Edit Profile button on the top side.


Now, go to very bottom of the page in the bottom right side you will get Temporarily disable my account this button. And click on this.


Now choose a reason why you are disabling your account? And re-enter your account password.


Now click on the Temporarily Disable Account button. And click on yes.

And now your account is disabled. Now, from here you can re-activate your account from here. In the same process you need to enter in your Instagram account by that browser. Simply like Login.

And the job has been done for you. Now you can do it as your wish.

I mean to say more.

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