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Facebook Instagram and Messenger is going to merge for small businesses – 2020 Latest Update


Facebook Instagram and Messenger is going to merge for small businesses – 2020 Latest Update

We everybody know about the power of social media. And now a day social media plays a vital role to grow up small businesses. Cause now most of the businesses are operated by social media. Among these here most of the businesses have no any operation office from where they can operate their jobs. Only they create a page of group in facebook, Profile in Instagram, and then they post their products in Facebook and Instagram and show off their products via Facebook Instagram, Take orders via Messengers and then make their order delivered.

Now, It’s very simple to operate the business via social media. Specially by Facebook, Instagram, Messenger. And according to a survey most of the online businesses are operated with this Facebook and Messenger and then Instagram.

For that reason, the Mother company Facebook Inc. wants to make it more easier for the business organizations. For that reason now, they want to merge Facebook, Instagram, Messenger together and make it more effective. As we know Facebook Inc. own Instagram, whatsApp, Messenger. And for that now, they won’t be do this with the main app. They just want to create a simple app where they will add an options where you can add your Facebook Page/group, Instagram Profile, Messenger Profile by which you operate your business.

In this case after adding all the profiles now you can post your products or posts via this app and that will automatically posted in your Facebook pages/groups, Instagram profiles. And you needn’t to do anything else.

And from here if anyone want to buy your product and wants to message you from their Facebook or Instagram then it will redirect this message in Messenger from your Instagram and Facebook.

That can make more easier for you. Because now you needn’t to post your products one by one in Instagram and Facebook. If you run your business both in Instagram and Facebook. And also it accumulate all the messages in Messenger only.

And Facebook Inc. has just announced that they thinking to do something like this. And it’s confirmed by The Verge. They are going to do this within 6 the mid of the next year 2021. But they will make a beta test for some accounts within the last of this year 2020. And the later it will add also WhatsApp so that it be more effective for you business.

SO it’s just an announcement. So Facebook is going to start the work within some days. So, we will get the effect within some days.

Don’t what will be the effect for business when it will going to start. Right now, It’s only for waiting.

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