How to get Instagram Dark Mode

Now a day, dark mode on social media is most wanted things. And it is available in some of the social media. Still now in Messenger the dark mode is available. And in WhatsApp it is in the beta version. But now you can use Instagram in dark mode. But it is not officially launched Instagram app. You need to download and install another app. And the app name is Gbinsta. You will get the download the link in the below.What to do to make it:
  1. Uninstall the installed official Instagram.
  2. Install the new downloaded GBinsta.
  3. Log in or sign up here (Sign up if you haven’t any Instagram ID).
  4. Now go to in your profile.
  5. Now click on the double gear icon.
  6. Now click on the Download theme.
  7. Then allow permissions.
  8. Now click on the More.
  9. Now click on the back and back.
  10. Now find out and select the file .XML file which you download with Gbinsta.
  11. Now go to back and select Profile Screen and go to it.
  12. Now go to Profile Header and check all the options and change the background of Header Background.
  13. Now go to back and go to Profile Row and turn it on Bio Background Color and check all others and change as your wish. But change the Bio Background Color in black.
That is the thing you have done. And now you can enjoy Dark mode on Instagram.

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