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How to Monetize your website with Google Adsense – 2020 Latest Trick


How to Monetize your website with Google Adsense – 2020 Latest Trick

We know all about google adsense. It’s by Google and it’s a platform to get monetize in their authorized platform and earn money. For that you can monetize your YouTube channel, Blogger website by Google and Your own hosted website. It’s very easy to monetize your YouTube channel to earn money with Google Adsense. But sometimes it’s very tough for us to when it’s the monetization for Websites. Cause here have some formalities for us to do it. If you make any mistake that time it becomes tough for you to get the monetization for you. So in this post I would like to share with How you can monetize your website (Blogger/WordPress/Your own created website with HTML or PHP/Joomla).

So after reading my this whole blog you can also now monetize your website easily. Here I will explain you both all requirements and the process.


Req-1: Your age must have to equal or more than 18 years.

Req-2: You must have a Google Adsense Account. (If not the you can Sign Up From Here)

Req-3: Your website must be more than 6 months older

Req-4: In your website you must have sufficient contents. Some people say that you need at least 30 blogs to get monetization. But I have got my monetization with 18 blogs.

Req-5: All the contents are must be yours and no any copyrighted contents are not allowed.

Req-6: No Dummy contents are not allowed.

Req-7: You must have access of your website so that you can edit your code if needed.

Req-8: You must have sufficient contents more than ads so that google can show ads as their wish in your contents.

#Steps to Monetize:

Step-1: First of all go to Google Adsense and sign up/sign in.

Step-2: Go to Sites option from the Left side menubar.

Step-3: After going to sites page click on Add site button. And add your site URL. Ex: (

Step-4: Then you need to copy a code and paste this code between the <head></head> tag. And this code may be looks like a javascript source file like <script src=”here will a link”></script> and paste it in the anywhere of <head> tag.
(If you use blogger then open your site’s Admin panel and click on Theme from the left sidebar Then go to your selected theme and click on the right side arrow from the customize button. And click on Edit HTM and after going to this we need to paste the code before </head>)
(if you use WordPress then login your WordPress Dashboard Then go to Appearance from the left side bar and click on the Editor and find the header.php from the right side bar and after going to this we need to paste the code before </head>)
(If you use Direct HTML or PHP to create your site then go to every .html or .php page and after going to this we need to paste the code before </head> in which pages you want to show ads.)

Step-5: After that you need to wait for at least 24 hours to 2 week. within this 2 weeks you will get the confirmation of your approval. If you site is ready to get ads then in will a green signal next to your site name in Google Adsense < Sites. Otherwise they may think your site is not suitable to show ads.

Step-6: If you get the approval from Google Adsense then congratulations. Now your site will show ads and earn. So wait for at least 1-2 hours to get loads ads in your website.

Step-7: You may also see an Error notification in your google adsense’s top. In this case you need to Click on the Fix Now. And go to that link and download the .txt file from that banner and take this on the top level domain of your site. So that google can find this by searching So you need to upload it directly in your hosting.
(In this .txt file you will find, your publisher ID (You will get go to Accounts from the left side bar), DIRECT (It’s a Text only),  A 14 digit’s code)

Step-8: Now here if you want to let Google decide to show ads as their wish around your webpage the you needn’t to do anything. Google will decide automatically where they will show ads and you needn’t to use any code. All the ads around your website will generate automatically.

Step-9: But if you want to also create an Ads unit then go to Google Adsense -> Ads (Left sidebar) -> Buy Ad Units. Then go to any cards among the 3 cards (Display Ads, In Feed Ads, In Article Ads)

Step-10: And create your ads you giving a name(Top left of the page) and click on the create (Bottom right of the page). And then copy the HTML codes and past where you want to show ads in your website. (It’s Optional)

Now, I hope it’s 100% clear for you that how you can easily Monetize your Google Adsense account easily. And all the process.

Thanks for reading our blogs.

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