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How to track someone’s location exactly and legally


How to track someone’s location exactly and legally

Now a days, we want to track someone’s location for some issue. Like we want to care him/her or it’s an important for us to track hi/her location at any cost. It also for his security purpose too. So for that reason now we need to track someone’s phone locations.

Now we use a lot of website’s or links or app to track it. But we don’t know the exact trick to track the location. So, in this post we will teach you how you can track someone’s location easily.

So for that here to track the exact location of victim’s here you need to full fill some requirements to make some setup in the victim’s mobile phone.

#Req-1: You must have the accessibility to that victim’s phone.

#Req-2: You need to install an App in that mobile phone

Click here to download and install the App. (Famisafe)

We will show the steps to clarify you how to setup the App in the Android.

Step-1: Install the FamiSafe App from Google plays store.

Step-2: Now swap the screen for three times and click on Start Button.

Step-3: Now create an Account here by providing the Email & Making a password and click on Sign up.

Step-4: As it’s a victim’s Account so select here Kids. After that you may see a Membership premium plan so skip it.

Step-5: Now give here the Kid’s name and Age (Age must have to be less than 18)

Step-6: Now you will get some pages and you need to Enable those all pages one by one. So do it.

Your things has done. Now you are able to track the locations.

Step-7: Now you need to Install FamiSafe Same app in your Mobile by which you want to track.

Step-8: Now log in to FamiSafe App with same account that you create in the victim’s mobile phone.

Step-9: Now you can see that specific victim’s current location, His mobile Charge, What Apps he used currently.

But his/her mobile Internet connection must have to be On.

So by this way now you can also track your Specific Victim’s location that you want. But that the requirement is you must have the Accessibility for that.

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