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How to track the exact location of a phone number || 2021 Latest Trick

track exact location by phone number

How to track the exact location of a phone number || 2021 Latest Trick

Very often we try to find the exact location of a contact number maybe because the phone was lost or stolen or to ensure the safety of a person. If you search this on Google you would find a lot of results relating to the issue. You might find a lot of websites or applications which might help you to find the location of a phone number. So the matter here is are there real? Do these sites or apps really work? Here you will know the truth behind the search.

Every smartphone have some in built apps for example messaging coma Contacts, camera. Similarly some of the Google apps are also in built, weather be it an iOS or an Android. So you can find The Google Maps app in your phone. In this app you can find your exact location. So now the matter of fact is how you can get the location of your friends or relatives only with their contact number.

Open Google Maps then click on your name icon Then click on location sharing And click on share your real location. There you’ll find a time period is available which will usually by default be given for one hour, click on that And said that for until you turn this off. Just below that you will be able to see  names of people from your contact. just select with whom you want to share your location From the messaging options and send to those whom you want to share your location.In the location sharing option you can turn your location share with that body with a person at anytime you want.

So this is the most authentic and the safest way to share your or your friends or families location with each other. And any other app which you might download trusting that it can give you the access to share your or others location might just be a hoax. That very up can act in mischievous way, it can steal your data and in worst case scenario might handle the access of your Contact numbers in an illegal way which might include from sending messages to others using your name to gaining access to your bank accounts, if they are connected with. Now you see there are lots of apps where you actually should give your microphone and camera accessibility like Messenger, Whatsapp etc. But there are lots of other apps too for which you must not need to give such access but still when you installed those app those required you to give access. Those apps can be shaddy and not good for your privacy. In this case just go to your phone settings and search permissions and manage permissions and you will see all the access you have given to different apps. So from there those apps you thing can be unsafe for your privacy just remove the accessibility or I will suggest just delete them.

Google is a trusted app. World’s most famous search engine Google was founded by Sergey Brin and Larry Page in 1998. Google own many apps like Maps, Google Now, Google+ Local, Google Play Books, Google Wallet, Google Voice, Google Search App, Google Shopper and many more. Almost 70% of world’s online search requests are handled by Google. So carry your work with Google Maps.

For a demo you can cheque our YouTube video. The video is named how to drag phone number exact location 2021 latest tricks. The name of the YouTube channel is Sajid’s tech.

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