Incognia Mobile Application Research Reveals Low Detection of Location Spoofing in Dating Apps

Mobile identity colonist Incognia moment blazoned the publication of the results of their first position Burlesquing Mobile App study Dating Edition. The study was conducted to test how susceptible mobile courting apps are to position spoofing. The report studied 24 leading dating mobile apps worldwide including Tinder, Hinge, eHarmony, Match, OkCupid, Grindr and further.


Within the U.S., the Federal Trade Commission has reported$ 549 million lost in love swindles within 20211 which is over 80 from the previous time. Using fake personas and identity fraud to “catfish ” unknowing druggies, fraudsters are targeting courting apps for fiscal gain. The rearmost Incognia Location Spoofing Mobile App study of dating apps analyzes how courting apps make use of stoner position to give implicit suitors and how these apps are susceptible to position spoofing. The lack of position spoofing discovery capabilities is an issue because it enables scammers to target druggies in any position, putting 323 million druggies worldwide at threat.


There are five main styles fraudsters use to imitate position VPNs and Proxy waiters, GPS spoofing apps, parrots, instrumentation tools, and app tampering. The Incognia Mobile App study set up that 80 of tested courting apps request druggies to partake position, and 37 of the apps that requested position were fluently GPS caricatured. The study set up that 50 of dating apps in North America and APAC could be caricatured using GPS spoofing apps. specially, none of the courting apps tested from EMEA could be GPS caricatured.


“With 3 out of 10U.S. grown-ups using a courting app, icing the safety and trust of druggies is critical given catfishing and fraud attempts are on the rise, ” said André Ferraz, author and CEO of Incognia. “ Dating and social apps are vulnerable to fraudsters faking their position to target a broader set of druggies. These apps are exposed to fraudsters’ position spoofing attempts that can affect in fiscal theft and trust and safety issues”.


To conduct this study, Incognia first downloaded each app on an Android device and created a new stoner account and observed if the app requested the stoner to partake their position and also if the app displayed the stoner position. Next, a GPS spoofing app was used to imitate the stoner position and it was observed if the app detected the spoofed position or real stoner position. More sophisticated styles similar as app tampering weren’t tested for this report.


Crucial data points from the report include

80 of the tested apps requested the stoner to partake position. None of the apps handed communicating that the stoner position was being used for fraud forestallment.

37 of the apps that requested position could be fluently GPS caricatured.

50 of the apps in North America and APAC could be GPS caricatured.

None of the tested apps from EMEA could be GPS caricatured.


To read the full report and analysis please download the Incognia Mobile App Location Spoofing Report.


In support of trust and safety, Incognia is offering a complimentary position spoofing inspection to any company offering position-grounded services via a mobile app. subscribe up for a complimentary position Spoofing inspection to get an assessment of how important position spoofing is passing in your app.


About Incognia

Incognia is a sequestration-first position identity company that provides amicable mobile identity and authentication results for fraud forestallment and trust and safety. Stationed in over 200 million bias, Incognia delivers a largely precise threat signal with extremely low false-positive rates to banks, fintech social, gaming and mCommerce companies, for lower fraud losses, increased mobile profit and to support trust and safety for druggies. Incognia’s award- winning technology uses position signals and stir detectors to quietly fete trusted druggies grounded on their unique geste patterns and is a crucial enabler for zero factor authentication.


Incognia is intimately held and headquartered in Palo Alto, California with brigades in New York and Brazil.

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