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Kali Linux-Download link and Full Features-Latest Update - sajidz Tech

Kali Linux

Kali Linux-Download link and Full Features-Latest Update

If you want to know about a website’s any weakness or check the security system of that website then you have to write a big base code. As we all know about brut force attack. Here you have to write each and every code separately. And after that it will take your command.

But after that some people ask about Kali Linux. Because here you needn’t to write any base code. Here have already pre-installed some base code which you can use for security checking purpose or any hacking purpose.

Today we will talk about Kali Linux.

It’s actually an Operating System like other Windows XP, Vista, 95, 2003, 07, 08, 10, MAC, Linux and others.

If you are a windows user then after installing the Windows version in your machine you will see tools like Calculator, WordPad, Notepad, Media play etc. By which we can easily do our works without installing our own alternative tools.

Like that Kali Linux has also some advanced tools. But these tools are not same like others. Here these pre-installed tools are only used for Hacking purpose and security system checking purpose. And on these tools here have some base code too by which anyone can do their work with lowest possible time.

Cause here you needn’t to type the full code.

Now here let’s talk about it’s download process. It’s open source for all. You can download it from Kali Linux website. It is free for all.

And here you can easily install it in your machine. You can install it as a boots loader or a Dual Boot or we can install it in our machine by creating a virtual machine. And here you can install it in your android mobile phone too.

Here the kali Linux users a known as White hat hacker. These hackers are legal. Cause by this the people make ethical hacking. And it’s totally legal for you. But don’t use it in your abusive purpose.

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