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Make invisible folder in you desktop


Make invisible folder in you desktop

You may hear about how to hide a folder of file. And most of the people use this trick to hide their folder or files to keep their privacy safe. But without hiding a folder you can also do another trick by which your file may not be hidden but still now people will not get this because your file will be in transparent mode. So how you can make your folder in transparent mode in this blog I will show you the trick. To do this you need to make it step by step as I shown you.
  1. Create a new folder. (Re-click or Right click on the mouse and from the dialogue box go to new and from new go to folder).
  2. Now rename the folder. Do not give it any name. Now you need to hide the name. So hold the ALT key and type 255 from the number lock key you will get in right side of your keyboard) “ALT+255” and hit ENTER button. Your name will be hide.
  3. Now Re-click or right click on the folder and go to the bottom of the dialogue box and click on the Properties.
  4. From the properties go to customize
  5. Now click on the change icon button and change the icon with transparent icon from all of the icons. And click on OK.
  6. Now click on Apply to check wither it’s working or not.
  7. If works the click ok.
  8. Or if it not worked or the transparent icon become black.
  9. Then go to change icon again.
  10. And from here click on Browse button on the top right.
  11. And add a transparent image which converted in .ico
  12. If you want a transparent icon then you also take it from my link.
  13. If you want to convert as icon then you can go to this website.
And by this way you can a transparent icon in your desktop. And it’s really working.

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