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Messanger vs WhatsApp-The Difference bestween Messanger with Whatsapp-2019 New update - sajidz Tech


Messanger vs WhatsApp-The Difference bestween Messanger with Whatsapp-2019 New update

Now a days WhatsApp and Messenger are become one of the world’s greatest messaging option. Now Both have their own ability to satisfy their customers. But still now some people who use messenger likes ignore WhatsApp and who like WhatsApp ignore Messenger. For that reasons I would like to make comparison between them.

  1. Screen overview: (1:1) Here screen overview between WhatsApp and messenger the they both are best in their own stage. Because they both have their standers on there. And there both UI is also outstanding.
  2. Enable Dark mode: (2:1) Here in messenger you can enable dark mode without any third party software but in WhatsApp you can also do it. But you need to use third party app to make it dark.
  3. Full dilatation message: (3:2) Here in WhatsApp and messenger in both you can delete any specific conversation before the second party see it. But you have to keep it in mind that you should do it before the second party make seen the message.
  4. Privacy: (3:3) In WhatsApp their have much privacy then messenger because here has the encryption in “End-to-End” that means the encryption is device oriented. If your login in WhatsApp by your one device and after that you go to another device and login with your same ID that time here, you will not see the chats which you make with your older mobile. But in Messenger it’s not working. Because messenger have all it’s data on server and it serves you from the server. For that if you skip the device and login from another device you can still see of your messages. But there have some similar ways like that secret chat in messenger it works like WhatsApp chat.
  5. Easy accessibility: (4:3) In WhatsApp there haven’t any easy accessibility because if you want to make chat with someone or call then your need to go to the list and from here select theme and go to message or call. But in messenger it’s more easies. You will get everything easily in the home.
  6. Image Forwarding: (5:3) In WhatsApp their you can only forward any images in maximum 05 persons but in messenger you can make this task for uncountable as your wish.
  7. Audio and Video Call: (5:4) We can make audio or video call both in messenger and WhatsApp but in think making calls in WhatsApp is much easier and smoothest.
  8. Free Net use: (6:4) In messenger you can use it in lowest or free data package. But you can’t use it in free basis without data offer.
  9. Image resolution after send: (6:5) In messenger in image resolution become lower and sometime it become small. But in WhatsApp the resolution remains same after sending it.
  10. Chatting: (6:6) In messenger here you can chat with your friend in the chat head then and also can keep open other apps too. But in WhatsApp you need to chat but you need to close the other apps first.

These are the differences I have got from the WhatsApp and the Messenger. But in the end you may see that both have the same ability to full fill your requirements.

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