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How to know who visited your Facebook/Instagram profile?

Introduction Nowadays a trendy question for all is ‘can I really see those people who visit my Facebook or Instagram profile?’ ‘Is it possible or not?’-in this blog I’m going to talk about this. Can you Really? Nowadays you can see a lot of videos in YouTube that they can

delete instagram account

How to delete Instagram Permanently or Temporarily || 2020 Latest Tricks

Now a day we all have at least a Facebook account and also we have an Instagram account too. And now, Instagram is one of the most premium Social media where have most of the High profile person’s account. But now, among us most of the people have that Instagram || Why Facebook Ban this text and it removes || 2020 Latest News Reviles

As we know whatever you post in your Facebook Status, Comment, Inbox message it becomes as a text and if their have a do (.) between two texts and their have no any space before or after dots (.). So our today's topic we will talk about Do you


Facebook Password Snipper-Fake or Real-100% True Review-Why????

Now Facebook is one of the most used Social Media platform. We use it mostly to communicate with our related persons. And it has now Billions of users. So here have a lot of accounts. And among these accounts some accounts are very helpful but some are very dangerous. For


Create a Dynamic Share button in WordPress posts without Plugins

Most of the cases we use wordPress to create our websites. And in this websites most of the times we post blogs. And it may be current news related, sports related, people related, politics related and so on. And their may have a lot of viewers who come across your


Facebook Instagram and Messenger is going to merge for small businesses – 2020 Latest Update

We everybody know about the power of social media. And now a day social media plays a vital role to grow up small businesses. Cause now most of the businesses are operated by social media. Among these here most of the businesses have no any operation office from where they


How to get blue verification badge in Facebook Profile/Page

In facebook profile and page you will see a blue badge after the name. It's called blue verification badge. That means this profile is verified by Facebook authority. And specially it's verified for celebrities, Brands and so on. Though if you are not a celebrity but you can still now


How hackers Really crack Facebook Passwords from your account

In everyday life in online we see here a lot of websites to hack facebook account by a PIN code or with the mobile number bla bla bla….. . But according to me these all are fake. Because hacking a facebook account is not an easy task. And the hackers


Top 5 updates of Messenger

For the messenger user now here have a very good news. Because within 2020 facebook messenger will take some biggest updates ever their history. And it has confirmed by the CEO of facebook in the last 2019 annual developer conference. Here these update will take you there: More faster than

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