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10 Amazing Facts about Paris

The Eiffel Tower was initially considered to be a listless monstrosity. The city’s best and brightest originally hated the Eiffel Tower when it was opened in 1889. The press insulted it and the city’s most famous artists and writers expressed their disdain quite openly to. Compared to that today the

Is Apple going down just like Nokia

Is Apple going down just like Nokia? || 2021 Latest News

If you have lived through the mobile phone boom there’s a good chance that you owned a Nokia phone and if you are living through the smartphone age there’s a good chance you do not have a Nokia phone today and you don’t really need me to tell you why.

track exact location by phone number

How to track the exact location of a phone number || 2021 Latest Trick

Very often we try to find the exact location of a contact number maybe because the phone was lost or stolen or to ensure the safety of a person. If you search this on Google you would find a lot of results relating to the issue. You might find a


10 things you didn’t know about the Maldives

The Maldives is made up of 1190 islands it might sound pretty wild but the Maldives consist of 11190 islands but what’s even more amazing is the fact that every single luxury resort that’s available in the Maldives is actually situated on its own island that’s pretty cool isn’t it.

jack ma

Where is Jack Ma?

Into the mystery now surrounding tech tycoon Jack Ma the billionaire founder of China’s giant online retailer Alibaba has not been seen in public since October when he blasted Chinese regulators in his speech that drew fire from China’s leaders. He is very powerful, very wealthy and generally a very

The growth of Amazon || Why Amazon become the top in 2021?

Introduction: If you think about E Commerce and online business then this writing is for you because today I’m going to talk with you about Amazon. Amazon sales more than 500 million products. And This is The growth of Amazon. It is  more than just any Commerce business. It’s everywhere.

Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition

Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition || 2021 Edition

Increase you experience of gaming with improved picture and sound quality with the new Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. It has console with no disc drive. Sign into your account for PlayStation Network and go to PlayStation Store to buy and download games for only at a price of $399.

Samsung Galaxy M31s

Samsung Galaxy M31s-With Full Specification – 2021

Smart phones are things of current times and Samsung is one of the oldest and best brand for smart phones. Here is will show you about a wonderful new model of Samsung; the new Samsung Galaxy M31s. You may also Read: Redmi Note 9 Pro Max With Full Specification Name:

Redmi Note 9 Pro Max With Full Specification

The current covid 19 pandemic situation has increased our need for electronic items and especially mobile. In the recent few years Xaomi has been one of the most popular smartphone company in South East Asia. One of its new model is the stylish Xaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro Max. You

How to know who visited your Facebook/Instagram profile?

Introduction Nowadays a trendy question for all is ‘can I really see those people who visit my Facebook or Instagram profile?’ ‘Is it possible or not?’-in this blog I’m going to talk about this. Can you Really? Nowadays you can see a lot of videos in YouTube that they can

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