Top 5 updates of Messenger

For the messenger user now here have a very good news. Because within 2020 facebook messenger will take some biggest updates ever their history. And it has confirmed by the CEO of facebook in the last 2019 annual developer conference. Here these update will take you there: More faster than ever: After that update your messenger will get more faster. And you will get more better experience with that. Getting smaller in size: Here after that update the messenger will get smaller in size and they assure that they will take the size within 30MB. Advance boot chat system: As you know now a day most of the public figure or organization use boot chat system to reply people within a minute but these have a limitation they will reply text which give them. But after that update the system will respond automatically according to the conversation. Close group video sharing: In the messenger here you can make group chats. But after that update here you can make watch party like facebook. And here you and both all of your friends who are in your close group can enjor a watch party together. And the unknown people will not inter. Messenger Desktop app: To use messenger in Android mobile or IOS device you need to install app but in facebook to use messenger you need to open facebook and log in to it. But within 2020 you can use messenger by installing software in desktop. These are the updates that will be the biggest and the best updates for the history of messenger.

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