WhatsApp awesome feature-A new interface-2019 best interface

Are you fade up with your old WhatsApp interface? And want to make it change to it’s interface then use this method.Here it is very good for you and an excellent app for all of you. It is really awesome for you too. Here you will get a different interface from the WhatsApp that you use in this present.You need to install an android app. And before it you need to download the app. And you will get this app download link in this blog below.What you need to do:
  1. First you need to uninstall the previous WhatsApp. And before it you need to take a backup of all your chats. So for that make a backup. And if you don’t know then you need to see the video to make backup.
  2. Install the downloaded new WhatsApp app and restore all the data on that WhatsApp.
  3. Now your WhatsApp will turn into in new face.
  4. Now click on the three dots and click on Areo privileges.
  5. Then go to Themes and here from select a theme and click on the install then you it will turn on a new interface.
Click here to download the apps.

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