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WhatsApp is going to crash for some Unidentified Texts-How to solve it? - sajidz Tech


WhatsApp is going to crash for some Unidentified Texts-How to solve it?

Most of the people among us use whatsApp for their conversations and now a days it’s become very very effective. Cause it’s really able to serve the people to get their target done. It have a high quality of Audio video calling system, Image sending service which helps to remain the image size as it is. Still now it also add some beautiful features by which you can attract your friends by sending Sticker, Animated sticker, Emoji, GIF animations.

But their have some problems starting with it’s messaging system. Cause now, some stupid people make some text codes which your WhatsApp can’t identify quickly and assume that your whatsApp is going to hack. And for that reason whatsApp is going to crash gradually when it receive these type of some texts. And once you get these type of messages then your whatsApp is crashing gradually. You open your whatsApp and it will going to crash within a second that you can’t move to settings options too.



If you are also a victim then it’s your high time to start thinking how you can solve this problem.

Here have 2 solutions. I will explain you the both.


In this case you need to uninstall your whatsApp and re-install it. It will solve your problem. But here have a problem for you. That is, if haven’t any backup of your chats then it will be a real problem for. Because, now all non-backup chats or the new chats which have no backup will lost. For that reason we have the second Solution.


To solve it first of all you need to go to your Desktop or Laptop or any other mobile and Open a browser. And browse here  and here it also you must have to log in from the before. Because as I mentioned earlier that your whatsApp will be crashing gradually that you will not go to other settings too. So for that reason it’s compulsory for you to open your whstApp from past. And if you get the access in the whastapp web Then go to that specific chat from which get this crash text and immediately delete whole chat from that person (To delete all the chats your need to open that chat and go to right side top and click on a three dots bar and click in delete chat) and block him (To block him Go to the left side top and click on the three dots bar and click Settings -> Blocked -> Add blocked contact -> Add that specific contact person (if the number is not saved then first save the number in your phone book)). Now it will solve your problem.

I hope you will get your solution from here. But here have the problem is in the first case you will lost all of your chats and in the second case your whatsApp must have to be logged in whatsApp web from the previous.

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