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WhatsApp upcoming Update – WhatsApp upcoming features-2020

Now a day most of us we use WhatsApp to connect with your favorite persons. By this we can make audio and video calls, share files, share locations, create a group call more than one person, share your daily life pictures. And for that reason, now it turns to be a good one in our daily life. And now this WhatsApp has become popular all over the world. And every day WhatsApp is also adding some new features in their Application so that it can become or attractive to the users and also make the usability worthier.

In this year 2020, it’s become a revolution for WhatsApp. Because this year they add some mighty features to WhatsApp. Like WhatsApp dark mode, WhatsApp search filter for all categories, Create a Room, Finger print licker and so on.

And now they have declared that this year now WhatsApp is waiting for more 5 updates. That can give you more efficiency to WhatsApp than previous. So in this blog I will share with you about.

  1. Self-distracting messages:

    WhatsApp has declared the last year that they are taking this important update in WhatsApp so that sender can set a time to delete the message after reading the receiver. And it will be a specific time. And after that specific time it will be deleted automatically. This can be more important for all WhatsApp user. In the last Beta version of WhatsApp they added a feature Called Expire Media. This only delete the already sent Media to the receiver once they see the message. And after come back from the message it will be automatically deleted.

  2. Multiple device supporting:

    As we know WhatsApp is End-to-End Encrypted. And for that reason we can’t use our one WhatsApp app in another WhatsApp with all data. For that we need to give chat backup history and then if we want to use our WhatsApp in another device then we can’t use it in our previous device. But now we can use our WhatsApp app in multiple devices. And this you may need to allow it via an QR code. And all the devices that you allow your WhatsApp will make a list for you so that you can know about it. It’s almost ready and it’s in the last stage of being launched. It will be launched in the Beta version first time in the very last of the year.

  3. History Sync: As we know WhatsApp in after somedays we can use it for multiple devices. But how? For that we need to take the history backup of our WhatsApp previously in a Google drive. So that when we need this backup to use that time we can use it.
  4. Storage control:

    As we know when someone send us any message it may be in Text, Images, Video, Audio, links etc. And it automatically downloaded in our storage. And gradually it occupied a big space in our mobile storage. But we don’t know which app occupied these large space. In this case now you can also know about the storage of your WhatsApp that which chat receiver or sender occupied how many spaces. And now you can clear that specific chat as your wish and reduce the size of your WhatsApp. And also for your storage.

  5. Vacation mode:

    This vacation mode is very useful to reduce archived messages. This feature WhatsApp started to work before 3 years ago. But after sometimes they declared to stop it. But now WhatsApp is going restart that project to add this vacation mode. If you enable this vacation mode, then it will be very helpful for you to get read off from all archived messages.

So these are the features that will be really helpful for you and these feature you will get within this year ending. And now it’s your time to choose which features you want badly to use.

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