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WhatsApp vs Viber which is better? 2020 Review - sajidz Tech

viber vs whatsapp

WhatsApp vs Viber which is better? 2020 Review

Now a day our formal calling system via a specific mobile network operator is no more. Cause we can make audio and video call through a lot of other social media like Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and so on. And it also cost consuming. Cause it only need an internet mobile data or WiFi internet data. By this you can call to other. And in this case if you have at least a WiFi internet connection then according to me it’s totally free to use. Cause whatever you pay to your internet provider, you can talk to other as much you want.

If you talk about social media calling service so you need to mention here Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, Zoom and others.

Among these you must have to talk about WhatsApp and Viber. Because it’s major operation is to give the service to the user to make a call. As we know all the operations are same for WhatsApp and Viber. But it has differences.

So it this post we would like to share with you some differences between those.

WhatsApp vs Viber

  1. Interface (1:1):

    According to me for the both of the app WhatsApp and Viber it has a good look. And here you have also get an option in the both as a dark mode. And both has also, its own professional look too. That attract the users to use it and get a premium look too.

  2. Sticker (1:2):

    As we know, now we can use stickers in WhatsApp. And it has launched before somedays ago. And now you can also use animated stickers too in the WhatsApp to send it to your friends. It’s also a plus point for WhatsApp. But in the case of Viber we know here we can also use stickers. But among these WhatsApp and Viber it has a big different in time of sticker. Here you get an option in Viber to create your own stickers. Where you will not get this option in the case of WhatsApp. So in this case Viber is going to win this race.

    Files Buttons setup (1:2):

    In the case of both for WhatsApp and Viber the bottom you will get all the buttons to send files, stickers, camera, GIF and so on. But now in the case of WhatsApp here to use those buttons you need to click on the clip icon. And then you will get all these buttons.
    but in the case of Viber you will get all the buttons aligned in the bottom and these all are visible.
    And for that reason now we can prefer Viber in the first step. So in this case also Viber win the race.

  3. GIF creator (0:1):

    Once upon a time, here you can’t send a GIF animation in WhatsApp. But now it’s available in the WhatsApp. And it also available in the Viber too.
    But if you talk about WhatsApp and Viber for creating an GIF animation by your own. In this case the GIF creation by own is only available for Viber. But in the case of WhatsApp you can’t create your own GIF. For that reason, here the Viber is long far away in this race.

  4. Self-distracting message (0:1):

    Self-distracting messaging system is a system by which you can set a time and after sending this message when the receiver receives that message from that time to that specific time this message will vanished automatically. And it will disappear.
    In the case of WhatsApp from the starting of the year 2020, WhatsApp announcing that this self-distracting system will appear within this year. But still now, it’s not available for us.
    But if you think about Viber here have that specific features of Self-distracting message. And for that reason now we can say Viber is still far above then the WhatsApp.

  5. Calling system (2:1):

    Now the last survey for the most important thing. This is the calling ability test both for WhatsApp and Viber.
    Here in the case of WhatsApp here you can enjoy a full HD clear audio and video calls.
    But in the case of Viber here have some lacking’s in Audio and Video calling too.
    So in this case according to me WhatsApp in win the test.

But after reviewing the whole test get a result of 5:8. Here in the case of WhatsApp it will get 5 points. But in the case of Viber they get 8 points. And from here we can easily guess who win.

In the case of Viber, it has it wins for their some more advanced feature then WhatsApp. But WhatsApp win here for their Calling service which is more important and it’s also their main focus too.

But according to me, I think both are same. And we need these both to use in our daily life cause, one has a lot of advanced features and another has its quality service.

Now, it your turn which you prefer? So please comment us to inform about this.

Thank you.

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